Jardins Apartment by Diego Revollo

Jardins Apartment was designed for a young and modern couple by Diego Revollo and is located in São Paulo, Brazil.

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The apartment of 300 square meters located in a nobleneighborhood of São Paulo city, Brazil, was designed for a young and modern couple. The greatest challenge was the transformation of an old and compartmentalized property into a wide and dynamic area. To achieve this goal and bring a more contemporary look to the space, the best integration of the environment was the major party. The large lacquered wood panels that run over tracks permit different possibilities of configuration of the spaces, which can vary according to the necessity of the moment, as well as helping to provide a better acoustic to the residency. To correct problems of circulation and
provide greater comfort in the social and the intimate areas, the original plan was modified. Thus, the social hall and master suite have been amplified and a lunch room was created.
The choice of a clean and impacting structure with absolutely white walls and ebonized wood floor has valorized the sophisticated Italian furniture and the various art objects. These elements, which are greatly admired by the owners, were emphasized yet more by the punctual spot lighting proposed for this apartment. The result was the appearance of a modern art gallery, where each detail was specially thought to create an interesting and current composition.
Photographer Mr. Valentino Fialdini