Chalet Matten

Chalet Matten is a luxury ski chalet located in Zermatt, Switzerland. It’s available for short-term rent by Le Collectionist and can sleeps up to 12 guests.

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With its summer hiking trails covered in snow, all the history of Switzerland reveals itself in the picturesque streets of Zermatt village. Clinging to the mountain in the shadow of the Matterhorn, Chalet Matten overlooks the famous Zermatt ski resort with its wooded features, enjoying a panoramic view of rock and pine, glaciers and mountains.
A palace of pleats hidden within enormous bay windows, Chalet Matten’s corridors feature slender curves bathed in sunlight. A covered outdoor kitchen invites alpine reverie and al fresco dining. The panoramic view blossoms on terraces and balconies, with the colours of sunrise, daytime and dusk spreading throughout the villa’s 4 floors. In the heart of the mountain, you’ll find a private tunnel leading to a fully stocked secret wine cellar.
The essence of Chalet Matten comes together in the ground floor wellness space, which features authentic stone, pure glass and warm wood. A fully equipped fitness room, indoor/outdoor jacuzzi, sauna and steam room offer multiple perspectives on the breathtaking panorama. On the second floor, wooden beams, light colours and designer furnishings offer discrete luxury within a spacious living space, including a dining room for up to 12 guests, a lounge area with library, and an open concept kitchen.
The delicate balance of Chalet Matten is exemplified in its solid walnut, Brazilian stone and Italian marble. Luxury, authenticity, food for the soul, exercise for the body-the building unleashes all the mountain’s purity within every stone.
Photos by Le Collectionist