Ritz Carlton Moskau Terrace by destilat

destilat designs the roof terrace of the Ritz Carlton in Moscow.
“The Ritz Carlton Moscow” hotel, located in the centre of Moscow, is one of the city’s top addresses – not least due to its O2 lounge bar on the 12th floor with its approximately 1.100-sq m roof terrace. It attracts visitors from all over the world with its unforgettable view of the Kreml and Red Square with its historical 16th century St. Basil’s cathedral and its colourful onion domes.

Ritz Carlton Moskau Terrasse by destilat 01

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The hotel’s owners commissioned destilat to redesign the entire terrace. destilat’s concept interprets the terrace as an analogy to a public “plaza” in the sense of a Mediterranean lifestyle, where people with a wide range of usage behaviours occupy this space and fill it with life.
Its completely new zoning comprises lounge areas, fine dining, an outdoor bar, and service stations to achieve the required maximum flexibility of use.
The outdoor bar was designed as a fixed location that can be used all year round.
The bar’s 12 meter-long backlit rear wall with patterns that change depending on the viewers position is one of its visual highlights that was inspired by the backlit agate discs of the bar’s interior.

The creative heads behind destilat are Harald Hatschenberger, Thomas Neuber and Henning Weimer. destilat is nationally and internationally active in interior design and furniture design and maintains offices in Vienna and Linz.
destilat is developing architectural concepts for private and corporate customers.
Each project is seen in a holistic context and offers comprehensive, elaborate interior concepts, paying careful attention even to the smallest details.
destilat describes its mission as follows:
“There is no such thing as past, present or future – what counts is what you make out of it.
Design is a process without beginning or end, a vast area of curiosity, a depository of ideas. This creative surrounding is the space we inhabit, roaming somewhere between the old and the new. We are searching for innovations that appear familiar, for provocations that touch our inner self, for functional gravity that makes us laugh.
We are working with emotions and all our senses. The customer’s requirements, technical hard facts, aesthetical aspects – step by step everything is integrated into the design process.
The product is the essence of this process. Perfected, concentrated, distilled. We call it by our name.”
Copyrights All Pix Monika Nguyen/destilat