CL apartment by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti

CL apartment is a holiday apartment designed by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti and is situated in Pietramurata, in the rural landscape of Sarca Valley, surrounded by mountains, at a very short distance from Garda Lake.


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The tailored made interior design project, concerning the living area and the night area which are disposed on two different levels, aims at creating functional and versatile spaces, able to transform, if necessary, and accommodate few relatives or a lot of friends.
The tailored-made furniture is disposed all along the walls and they endow them with several spaces where one can place things and objects; some shelves, in the bedroom and in the kitchen, are folding; this way, most room remains free and can adapt to different usage.
The covering and the fixed furnishings materials, neutral-colored, were intentionally chosen in order to enhance the fully formal and stylistical autonomy of the movable furniture. Beech wood covers most walls, as if it were a warm hug accompanying the guest all the way to the fireplace site, located in the opposite corner of the hall. The stairway, with a steel structure and a red twined parapet, connects the two levels of the house and, ideally, thanks to the same materials used, even the two different surrounding landscapes, the mountains and the lake.
Photography by Carlo Baroni

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