American Dream Home by Hoda Lasheen

American Dream Home is a project designed by Hoda Lasheen. The moment you set foot inside this corner villa in one of New Cairo’s most decorative gated residences, you feel like you’ve teleported to the other side of the world.


american-dream-home-by-hoda-lasheen-02 american-dream-home-by-hoda-lasheen-03

american-dream-home-by-hoda-lasheen-04 american-dream-home-by-hoda-lasheen-05 american-dream-home-by-hoda-lasheen-06 american-dream-home-by-hoda-lasheen-07 american-dream-home-by-hoda-lasheen-08 american-dream-home-by-hoda-lasheen-09 american-dream-home-by-hoda-lasheen-10 american-dream-home-by-hoda-lasheen-11 american-dream-home-by-hoda-lasheen-12

Embracing the smart use of space and indulging in the details of the furniture, lighting and accessories gives an undenailble atmoshphere of an American interior melting pot. Luxury, coziness and practicality are intermingled in such a smart way that you just can’t claim that one is dominant over the others.
Photography by Hoda Lasheen

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