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MP apartment by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti

The MP apartment is a project designed by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti, was originally built in order to enjoy the landscape of Caldonazzo lake, near the village of S. Cristoforo, traditionally considered “Trento’s beach”.


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Small apartment in Warsaw by Finchstudio

This 42 square apartment designed by Finchstudio is situaded in one of the warsaw renovated tenement houses, in a beautiful surrounding. Interiors were design for young working lady. During the project we were given a free hand in terms of design, only request was that the kitchen space and the lobby was kept in dark shades.


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The Black Cabin by Revolution Architects

The Black Cabin is a project designed by Revolution Architects and is located at Desierto de los Leones woods, in the west part of Mexico City. The terrain is surrounded by nature within the vast city.
“Here we found great amount of trees, allowing a natural visual filter towards the highway and the near constructions. It is a private space, isolated of visual pollution and acoustic disturbance.”


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Lastfloor in Russia by ALLARTSDESIGN

Lastfloor in Russia is a project designed by ALLARTSDESIGN (Designer Saranin Artemy) so called project design small kitchen (226ft²). This kitchen was built for himself and had to spend a lot of tests for the materials to realize this idea.


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Enclave in the clouds by HOLA DESIGN

Enclave in the clouds is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN and is located in one of the skyscrapers in Warsaw with a breathtaking view of the Praga district of the city.


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BL single family house by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti

The BL single family house is a project designed by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti and is located in the northern part of the municipality of Pergine, on a mainly flat ground. From the area one can enjoy a beautiful view of the castle and the parish church of Pergine, of the Brenta chain and other low mountains, the amount of sun is ideal all year round, allowed, as it is, by the mountain silhouette and the surrounding buildings.


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Retrofit of the Silver Park Condominium by Diego Revollo

Retrofit of the Silver Park Condominium is a project designed by Diego Revollo. “Renovating this residencial building of the ‘80s we created a glamorous atmosphere in a modern style”


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The Roof Lifestyle Concept Studio by The Roof Studio

The Roof Lifestyle Concept Studio is a Office Interior Design designed by The Roof Studio (Ken Thong & Emma Yap) and is located in Malaysia.


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Contemporary Twilight by DKOR Interiors

Contemporary Twilight is a Residential Interior Design Project designed by DKOR Interiors and is located in Aventura, Florida.
“Contemporary Twilight” is the most recent DKOR’s residential interior design project in Aventura. The residence was designed for a Mexican family whom recently moved to Florida in pursuance of a better environment to raise their children.


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Apartment with two faces by HOLA DESIGN

Apartment with two faces is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN.


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