Grzybowska apartment by HOLA DESIGN

Grzybowska apartment is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN bold arrangement of the apartment in the very centre of Warsaw giving an amazing view on the Palace of Culture and Science – one of the most characteristic objects in Poland.


grzybowska-apartment-by-hola-design-02 grzybowska-apartment-by-hola-design-03

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The spacious living room with the dining room where the bright colours start to show. The kitchen in the burning bright red is separated from the dining room only by means of the glass wall, In the kitchen there is provided the kitchen working table suspended in between two pillars, under the table the baking oven is suspended as a solid body, above the table a cubistic hood. In the dining room the foldable table from Stylhen manufacture and the design classics: Egg armchairs and Panton chairs. In the day room the individually designed by HOLA Design – TV wall made of MDF boards composition in three dimensions. In the middle, between the two sofas in bold blue colour a characteristic coffee table of Stylhen make has been placed. In the middle of the apartment an isolated glazed bathroom facing the living room giving a view on the Palace of Culture. Crooked hanging walls surrounding the bathroom have been the idea of the owner and consisted the starting point for the design of the interior of this unique apartment. Next to the bathroom one can rest on the easy chair Diamond of Stylhen make. The bedroom has been separated from the day part by means of the double sliding door of HOLA design. In the bedroom there is a hidden entrance to the wardrobe closet. The bedroom completely differs from the rest of the apartment. Glamour elements appear here, rich and ornamented, golden colour upholstery and elegant black elements which consist the balance for the white day space filled with the vivid coloured items.
Photography by Dariusz Majgier

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