Simply Creative Mansion by Hoda Lasheen

Simply Creative Mansion is a project designed by Hoda Lasheen, warm colors, double height ceilings, and plenty of natural light give this house a sense of grandiosity. The owner of this majestic home asked for a simple design with creative twists to match his filmmaking style.


simply-creative-mansion-by-hoda-lasheen-02 simply-creative-mansion-by-hoda-lasheen-03

simply-creative-mansion-by-hoda-lasheen-04 simply-creative-mansion-by-hoda-lasheen-05 simply-creative-mansion-by-hoda-lasheen-06 simply-creative-mansion-by-hoda-lasheen-07 simply-creative-mansion-by-hoda-lasheen-08 simply-creative-mansion-by-hoda-lasheen-09 simply-creative-mansion-by-hoda-lasheen-10 simply-creative-mansion-by-hoda-lasheen-11 simply-creative-mansion-by-hoda-lasheen-12

With this in mind, I decided on having a simple and basic structure like marble floors, antique Turkish rugs, and pure walnut woodwork. But the creative hints are conspicuous in the hanging dinner table, the sharp embossed flower piercing through the wall, the coloured glass railings that cast an array of colours across the living room, and the hand drawn paintings carefully allocated throughout the house.
Photography by Hoda Lasheen

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