Hairstyle Boutique Reinvented by Mood Works

Located in the heart of a postindustrial district of Warsaw, hair salon designed by Poland’s leading interior design studio Mood Works – Karina Snuszka and Dorota Kuć, reinvents the concept of hairstyling with the balanced mix of iconic design and old style approach to customers.


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The designer’s idea was to create warm, feminine, home like and customer-friendly space clearly standing out of the competition of anonymous interiors of mainstream hair salons.

Appartment mood of the interior was obtained by usage of oak wooden floor and classic oak veneer construction walls coverings, typically residential furniture and carefully selected accessories.

The salon offers four perfectly lit customer seats and one separated seat, where celebrity customers can be served while their privacy is preserved. This section is accented with funny monkey-print Fornasetti’s wallpaper and Bosa Ceramiche’s Sister Sofia vase. Lighting in the seating section has two sources: central ceiling lights rail and Barrisol’s lit stretch ceiling covering the wall behind mirrors. This solution allowed faces of the served customers to be evenly lit and look flawless.

Typically waiting area surprisingly becomes a reading corner furnished with Gervasoni 1882’s classic Gray armchair and side table, on the top of which there sit two wooden decorative figurins designed by Alexander Girard for Vitra.

Toilette boasts a marble counter topped with Antonio Lupi’s vanity and Gubi’s mirror designed by Jacques Adnet.

„Launching a design process we always start with the senses. How one shall not only see, but also feels and hears the interior. Being in a space is an ongoing interaction between humans and objects. We strive to make it a harmonous relationship.” say Dorota Kuć and Karina Snuszka, Mood Works designers duo.
Interior design by Mood Works – Dorota Kuć & Karina Snuszka.
Photography by Rafał Lipski

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