Natural wooden kitchen by Cult of Design

Natural wooden kitchen is a project designed by Cult of Design and is located in Lviv, Ukraine. Shades of natural wood, combination of textures and calm colors with motifs of Provence. We have created easy atmosphere. Furniture made in color “hoarfrost”. We have added to the interior fresh accents.


natural-wooden-kitchen-by-cult-of-design-02 natural-wooden-kitchen-by-cult-of-design-03

natural-wooden-kitchen-by-cult-of-design-04 natural-wooden-kitchen-by-cult-of-design-05 natural-wooden-kitchen-by-cult-of-design-06 natural-wooden-kitchen-by-cult-of-design-07 natural-wooden-kitchen-by-cult-of-design-08 natural-wooden-kitchen-by-cult-of-design-09 natural-wooden-kitchen-by-cult-of-design-10 natural-wooden-kitchen-by-cult-of-design-11

A mixture of sky-blue and gray created a new shade in our palette – “hoarfrost”. This color is amazing, especially in contrast with the white walls, doors and the unique materials. Kitchen “island” in the center of the kitchen played a big role in creating the image of the interior.
Kitchen “island” – the big advantage of kitchens, this is original element that connects zones of the kitchen. On the kitchen island you can place anything what you want. We’ve placed there sink, drawers, shelves and drawers to store necessary items.
All the furniture was made by company Rondini Home

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