Apartment in Miami by Regina Claudia

This apartment designed by Regina Claudia is a luxury private residence located in Hollywood, Florida, USA with a magnific view of the ocean. The decoration is very modern. In most of the rooms there are large windows that oversee the ocean giving a wonderful view from most of the bedrooms, the living room and kitchen as well as the outer deck.


apartment-in-miami-by-regina-claudia-02 apartment-in-miami-by-regina-claudia-03

apartment-in-miami-by-regina-claudia-04 apartment-in-miami-by-regina-claudia-05 apartment-in-miami-by-regina-claudia-06 apartment-in-miami-by-regina-claudia-07 apartment-in-miami-by-regina-claudia-08 apartment-in-miami-by-regina-claudia-09 apartment-in-miami-by-regina-claudia-10

Photography by Emilio Collavino

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