Loft style apartment by HOLA DESIGN

“Unyielding” loft-style apartment created by HOLA DESIGN through connecting two separate living quarters. The opened living area surrounds one of the bathrooms, the walls of which were intentionally in a seemingly careless manner built out of raw, not plastered brick painted white.


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An expanded metal mesh filled double I-beam flanged tees made of raw, varnished only with clear lacquer was hung above the kitchen and the entrance area. The free-standing kitchen island on wheels was made entirely out of black painted steel. The kitchen furniture painted in matte grey varnish attained an asymmetric division of the furniture’s front surfaces. The bedroom with strong color accent constitutes a single opened space together with a bathroom. The shower cabin is a centrally placed glass cube is simultaneously an entrance to a glass walled sauna. The latter has its own window overlooking the city’s panorama. The wall at the head of the bead was constructed out of openwork concrete flagstones normally used to build driveways and parking lots. A wall in a shower cabin is made of the same material and concealed behind the glass pane to protect it against the adverse effects of water. The apartment is not lacking color accents. The bedroom is enlivened by intense yellow, while the bathroom and lavatory by the color blue. The living room is dominated by greys, shades of white and black. The entire space melds into a rare interior for individuals who do not shy away from bold, unconventional solutions.
Photography Michał Skorupski i Publikator

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