House in Dobra by Anna Thurow

House in Dobra is a project designed by Anna Thurow in 2012, covers an area of 280m2 and is located in Dobra near Szczecin, Poland.

House in Dobra near Szczecin, designed by architect’s couple Anna and Krzysztof Paszkowski-Thurow resembles a modern barn. Architects combined dark minimalistic core of the house with carport and big terraces, plastered all in white. Hudge panoramic windows allow for undistorted views over surrounding, beautiful pine forest.
This compact and energy-saving house was design for a family of four. Due to owner’s proffesions, house is split into office and private spaces – allowing for working zone to be completelly independed.
Double height living room, reminds open spaces in traditional barns. Kitchen is integrated within the dining room and located next to the roofed terrace. Terrace is accesible through in-wall retracting glass door. On the ground floor there is private bedroom space for parents, together with walk-in closet and master bathroom. On the first floor there are two big bedrooms for children with special windows to link the interior with surrounding nature.
Although the character of the interior is austere and modern, there are strong symbolic relations in materials to the surroundings: floors finished with white-oiled oak, dressing room entirely finished in wood, bathrooms finished in rough stone tiles.
Anna and Krzysztof interior style is underpinned by a subtle play of clean lines and natural materials as well as love for nordic internal warmth and order. They graduated from Szczecin’s Technical University and Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.
Photo credits: Bartłomiej Bieliński

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