Incision Villa by 123DV

Incision Villa is a contemporary villa with panoramic views, sunlight and privacy designed by 123DV.

“Besides all the wishes such as a strong inside outside relationship between the living room and the garden, clean lines, modern abstract spaces which are warm and intimite at the same time, there was also a special wish regarding the spaces which are facing the street side.
Incision like windows
The family’s wish was to have privacy and panoramic views at the same time. Two extreme long and 50 centimeter narrow windows are composed in this contemporary villa like precise incisions in a body. An 8 meter long window lets the light into the study. It allows panoramic views from the study desk towards the street.
Catching light beams and enjoying the outdoors
A 10 meter long window starts in the street facade and continues into the roof. The effect is a continuous view, light and privacy when moving up and down the stairs. So morning walks from the bedroom area towards the living area will be a light and panoramic view experience in this villa.”
Photography by Hannah Anthonysz

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