G-Residence by Gali Amit

G-Residence is a project designed by Gali Amit. Located at the heart of a metropolis, this duplex apartment is on the 32/33 floor of a Tel Aviv tower. It is endowed with large floor to ceiling windows, showing magnificent cityscapes 24/7.

As reflection to an urban landscapes, the apartment appropriates a ‘sense of urbanism’ in having a double height ‘public space’ along with its selected materials and tonality. The walls of the ‘publics space’ are rendered with cement, yet compartmented by slim horizontal brass bars. The central space enjoys a flight of stairs made of slender white steel, a 3m high thin shelves library, with an integral stepladder attached; and a” Bulthaup” aluminium graphite kitchen.
The apartment houses a couple in their 50’s, whose children have already grown up and left home. As the couple enjoys entertaining guests; the design brief included elements required for good hospitality; such as a large kitchen with wide-ranging functionality; guests bedroom with all necessary services and entertainment areas.
The first floor is the ‘public space’; it includes the ‘official’ hospitality area, an entertainment area, kitchen and the dining area, and guests bedrooms, all positioned below the mezzanine so to contribute additional privacy.
The flight of stairs is designed to enhance a sense of double level spaciousness, giving a sensation of an extra high ceiling. The internal mezzanine is the ‘private space’; it is the couple’s private ‘playground’. It is an open space bedroom; the back of the bed functions as a partition to a gym, here cityscape sights stretch
endlessly. The bathroom is furnished with a glass partition of which one side has a double basins cabinet and
the other contains an ellipse shaped bathtub with marble tiles.
The apartment enjoys minimalist aesthetics with fine-cut neatness. Some of the additional particular choices such as carpets, wooden floors and brass profiles, are all contributing towards a totality that of warm homey urban experience.
Photography by Amit Geron

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