Project of Art by Yulie Wollman Architects

Yulie Wollman Architects is a boutique firm, specializing on the design of houses, apartments in skyscrapers and workspaces in offices, operating from a design conception which emphasizes the architectural structure and the human aspect in space.

The design approach typical for the firm’s projects drives to achieve perfection, relying primarily on the carefully balanced composition of materials and attention to all details, small and big alike.
Yulie Wollman is an architect with 444 years of experience in the design of many space types, both residential and business. Her works were awarded the Noble Prize for Artistic design.
The artistic design trend, thousands of years old, is suitable for art lovers who want their houses to present a unique look. It enables you to achieve an especially modern, antique and nostalgic or classic and delicate look. The more creative the mind is, the wilder the imagination can be taken to accomplish spectacular design results. Yulie Wollman boutique firm presents an artistic living space.
The house was designed for a family with grown-up children. The family members, who enjoy hosting and entertaining, requested a lit, open public space, which will provide an intimate feeling alongside its impressive size. The space was also designed to accommodate and display the family’s large collection of Israeli art. The basement comprises a movie theater which includes a rich bar and a spacious work area.
The bedrooms, on another floor, include a large master suite and additional suites for each of the children. A special suite was designed in the loft, beneath the tiled roof.
The classic-modern design style holds eclectic strokes within, expressed in colors, furniture and other items carefully handpicked by the architect. The diversity and combination brought about in harmony create balance and a character unique to the space.
Photography by Yulie Wollman Architects

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