Mandarin apartment by Max Kasymov

Mandarin apartment is a project designed by Max Kasymov and is located in in Moscow.

“My task was to create a fully-fledged interior within 45 sq.m, featuring all the necessary home appliances and equipment, whilst avoiding excessive use of needless units. We designed a special box veneered with American walnut, which resembles an interior architectural element. Though, a closer inspection reveals a veritable trove filled with integrated kitchen storage systems, a dishwasher, an oven, a microwave oven, a fridge, one-drawer cupboard with a hinged ironing board and … a bathroom.”
Like every project by Max Kasymov, all the furniture for the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen was designed and produced by Max Kasymov Interior/Design studio. “Besides, we produced all the wall panels in-house, including the decorative panel in the bathroom, which is made of three types of artificial stone,” says Max Kasymov. “I never use chandeliers for zones where the footfall is high and the ceilings are low. For this project we made a tray ceiling with integrated LED light. In this way we created a décor element and a practical light fitting at the same time.”
The other striking components which complement the functionality are the many spaces of layering within the interior, achieved by adding different textures and finishes. There is a perfect combination of matt & shiny surfaces, velvet & leather, marble & wood, as well as relief and flat surfaces. This technique makes an interior more vivid and gives depth, however at all times ‘visual-overload’ is considered and avoided. According to Max Kasymov, he found a source of inspiration in modern Asian hotels, as they are characterised by the usе of expensive materials, bright colors and various textures. “I like combining very different things: straight lines of minimalism and furniture images of 1960s, Art-Deco and Pop-Art,” says the designer. “For me it’s like making the perfect cocktail. The key point is to use the right balance of ingredients.”
Photographer: Giorgio Possenti

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