MK Home by Ganna Design

MK Home is a project designed by Ganna Design. “Remove the exhaustions and the defenses accumulated in daytime, the house owners change their mood at the moment they stay the independent two-door entrance space. According to the rectangle layout, the designers plan public space and private bedrooms from the entrance to the inner house, and make the best use of natural sunlight by adopting large floor-to-ceiling windows.

While stepping into the room, you can see a study room on the left side. The combination of different materials, the clear glass and perforated plate, and the white frames create picturesque enframed scenery. From study room to kitchen, the white perforated plates connect different spaces and serve as a L-shaped main wall. On the white plates the linear arrangement of the titanium coated handles redefines the possible performance on the fa├žade of the interior wall.

Thinking outside of the box, the designers combine the customized gray marble platform with the TV wall. In addition, they also use wood and titanium coated metal to be the legs of the table, showing the beauty of structural balance. The Creamy white wall is the stage of sun and moon on which the light and shadow dance. From the common space to the private rooms, the house owner can enjoy a charming end scene everywhere in the house.”

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