Apartment P1 by destilat

Apartment P1 is a project designed by destilat. An interior design concept for two apartment buildings along Molinar’s lively beach promenade in Palma de Mallorca, including patios with swimming pools and outdoor kitchens as well as roof terraces with whirlpools.

This project has become the flagship project of a resident real estate developer. The goal was to introduce new ideas and approaches and bring a breath of fresh air to the conventional and therefore monotonous concepts of apartment buildings in the area. These new concepts were to meet the high-end demands of potential clients perfectly.

Both buildings have almost identical floor plans and were designed for fictitious clients of different target groups. While Apartment P1 is inspired by contemporary
modern influences and Apartment P2 has a more classic modern flair, both variations exude the same timeless elegance.

The planning’s central element for both apartments is a freestanding staircase. These staircases are the apartments’ visual centrepieces. Their vertically arranged banisters – bronzed pipes with varying diameters – cut through the building and therefore formally interconnect the individual floors.

The outdoor areas of both apartments were also included in the planning. The two patios are particularly comfortable due to their unusually large size for this location. Their design was especially important since everyday life mainly takes place in these outdoor areas due to local climatic conditions. Swimming pools, showers, outdoor fireplaces, lounge and dining areas turn these two patios into the centres of summery life on this Spanish Mediterranean island.

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