Yu House by Ganna Design

Yu House is a project designed by Ganna Design. “Close your eyes, stretch your arms, and feel the wind blow. Like the wind, the house owner of this projects is yearning for an unrestrained life, spending much time flying in the sky. But there is always a moment feel tired, miss the taste of home, and want to feel the wind blowing in the hometown.”

“The house is equipped with a broad window, which can help the house owner relieve the homesickness and the stress accumulated while returning home. As for the space design, sliding doors are adopted in order to avoid the sense of oppression brought by the brick wall. In addition, the house owner can change the compartment according to the demands- to enlarge the living room or to separate the master’s room- and feel unrestrained whenever and wherever.

The pendant lamp in the living room is similar to a lady’s hat. The light hat turns softly in the breeze, projecting a graphic shadow pattern on the surrounding walls.
Not only the designers but also the house owners hope that whoever will feel comfortable and relax in the house, as standing in the grassland and enjoying
the wind brushing his or her cheek.”
Photography by Ganna Design

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