2 Bedroom apartment by Anna Kovalchenko

This 2 Bedroom apartment for a family of 4 people (parents and children – a boy of 8 years and a girl of 4 years) is a project designed by Anna Kovalchenko.

“The clients wanted their home to reflect their love for travel, so for each room was chosen a specific theme (their favorite destinations)- Greece for the kitchen and balcony, Africa for the living room, the tropical islands of the Indian Ocean for the kids room and the urban hotel style for the bedroom.

My main goal was to create a home for living – a place filled with personality, reflecting the individual taste of the client, where they will be happy to come back after work and meet with their friends. The space needs to be very practical and functional – for example, clients asked for lots of storage and I incorporated several large wardrobes and hidden storage in the design.

I wanted to create relaxed, warm environment, very cozy and grounded. This was achieved with the use of mainly natural materials – wood, stone, metal, as well as warm rich colours and textures.
The main challenge was the planning stage because of the small size of ​​the rooms – it was necessary to think carefully every centimeter of the space.
The customers were very happy with the idea of a hammock in the kids room – and asked to make it super durable, so that adults could also could be there and play with kids. We made it from the yacht net.”
Photography by Anna Kovalchenko

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