Vue d’Eiffel by ARRCC

This three bedroom apartment is situated on the fourth floor, overlooking the North Bank of the River Seine in the quiet 16th Arrondissement of Paris. The designers were challenged to balance bespoke contemporary style with classic French flair. The Eiffel Tower just across the river informed the design; ARRCC drew on its unique and recognisable aesthic to inspire individual elements whilst its strikingly close presence guided the internal remodel.

Existing narrow passageways and high ceilings were challenges that steered the overall design direction and the conceptualisation of creative alternatives. The vision was to accentuate the high ceilings to capture views and draw light into the space. The result is a clean, calm and memorbable modern space, in which the spectacular Parisian setting take centerstage, and clever refinements to existing architecture add charm and character.

Project Location: Paris, France
Interior Design: ARRCC
Project Team: Michele Rhoda, Mark Rielly, Vanessa Canon & Danie du Toit
Architect: Anne Molfessis
Artwork: Andrzej Urbanski, Everard Read CIRCA Gallery
Project Photographer: ©Aldo Paredes

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