Mangrove Bay Citic Zhuhai by CCD-Cheng Chung Design

Mangrove Bay Citic Zhuhai is a project designed by CCD-Cheng Chung Design in 2018, covers an area of 426m2 and is located in Zhuhai, China. Photography by CCD, Yan Ming.

“With regard to the ideal appearance of the home, we all have imagined countless fantasies, plenty of sunshine and space, a bed and bathtub that can stretch and even a switch and door handle with good touch.’ The concern for family is carrying the weight of our emotions and the warmth in our heart, would be the starting point for restarting every day after tired work.

The Mangrove Bay Citic Zhuhai is located on the west bank of the Qianshan River in Zhuhai. It is connected to the Macau Remembrance Park in the north, the Macao River across the bank in the south, the Qianshan River in the east and the Jiangjun Mountain in the west. Secluded from the elegant city, and live a life of a recluse, highlighting the luxurious and conservative humanity. Those who choose to live here must have felt reborn and they will not be blinded by the glitter and glamour of life.

The inspiration of the interior design is based on the city itself, with a modern design approach that blends space, culture and art to create an international bay area and urban luxury lifestyle.

The overall style the project features minimalist but delicate and chic design, which both satisfies the aesthetic taste of Chinese and the needs of modern urban life. The designer interprets the spatial relationship with simple lines and veneers, and uses the combination of different materials to emphasize the delicate contrast in the space and to create a classic mansion.”

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