3d Frunzenskaya by Geometrium

3d Frunzenskaya is a project designed by Geometrium. This project was created for a family consisting of husband, wife and daughter of school age. Besides, relatives with children are often visiting them. Additionally, a small dog of toy terrier breed will live in this apartment. The spouses are working a lot and often away on business.
At the questioning stage we found out a very interesting detail. They are fans of Kanye West. In their outfit prevail such colors as black, dark green, deep blue, brown and khaki. Some of these colors we reflected in the interior.

The main requirement of the clients was to create thought-out functional interior for a big family, where the space will be laconic to the maximum, clean and without odd things. Quotation ‘each item in the apartment has its place and functions. In case it has no functions, this item shouldn’t be in the apartment’. Clients emphasized that we should create comfortable zoning in the apartment: zones for adults should be separated from children’s zones and there should be zones for mutual time with each other.
Photography courtesy of Geometrium

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