Hangzhou Vanke Liangzhu Junxi Mountain Villa Show Flat by MDO

Junxi Mountain Villa designed by MDO is located in Liangzhu village Cultural Centre, at the highest point of the West Mountain Ridge of Baiyingjun. It is set between the Wulang mountain and Wulangshan reservoir, a beautiful scenery surrounded by mountains. The concept is inspired by the nearby Liangzhu Museum by David Chipperfield, “a jade cone scattered on the ground”. The show apartment offers and elevated living experience located high in its surroundings, partially surrounded by city, and partially immersed in nature. The spirit of untouched nature is key element to create an exquisite mountain villa.

In an environment far from the busy lifestyle of the downtown city, the designer explores the ambiguous relationship of “nature, city and mountain life”. Creating a truly contemporary modern home set in an idyllic landscape. The villa is organized around a series of external spaces which connect to the outside, the courtyard, the terrace and the balcony.
The house is divided into three levels, and each space is given a distinct meaning, in order to let the daily activities harmonize with nature, spaces are designed according to the views and how the sun moves around the house during the day, based on the concept of “Urban Mountain Living”.
The main entrance is relocated to a higher level. In the centre is an external terrace which functions in good weather as an external living room. This space embodies the role the traditional hearth, the gathering space for the family, the space to host guests and share quality family times.
The outdoor observation terrace overlooks the city.
The first floor living and dining room is based on the concept of “Urban Mountain Living”. The space on the first floor is composed of a Chinese kitchen, a western-style kitchen and the dining area. The design of the western kitchen island becomes an informal meeting point, it provides a space for daily interaction, for breakfast with family, to dinner parties with guests.
The more private functions are located on the second floor, composed by a main bedroom with a large balcony oriented to the view and a children’s room.
A timber-clad curved staircase gently winds up through the villa, linking each floor with a unique move, like a painter’s stroke. It leads down to the lower level which opens out onto a large sun terrace. At this level are the family living room and study which are designed to be flexible to accommodate different configurations. Both spaces are side lit with full height glass doors which overlook the mountain scenery.
Project Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Project Type: Residential project
Client: Hangzhou Lin Lu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Design Company: More Design Office (MDO)
Website: http://moredesignoffice.com/
Design Director: Jaycee Chui, Justin Bridgland
Design Team: Di Chang, Jiacheng Que, Yabin Yao, Ziheng Li
Soft Furnishing: Tanping Tang, Xijin Zeng
Project Size: 324 m2
Completion Date: Beginning of the 2018
Photographer: Sicong Sui, Liteshadow studio

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