Fairways by ARRCC

Exchanging big-city living for a more serene lifestyle, a young family opted for the private golf estate of Pearl Valley as its new home. On the outskirts of Paarl – a 30-minute drive from Cape Town – this home affords the couple and their children a style of living where the outdoor environment is a continual reminder of their expansive surrounds. Through the vision of interior architect Jon Case of design studio ARRCC, the living spaces were carefully conceived to produce a home epitomising casual luxury. Photography by Adam Letch

‘The subtle details and quality of finishes reflect a seductive living environment,’ says fellow ARRCC director Mark Rielly who also oversaw much of the home’s decorating. There is a strong tactile element throughout the house, which was designed by Gauteng-based architect Gardiol Bergenthuin, and it was this natural quality that the ARRCC team chose to champion, starting in the foyer. Here, ribbon-stone water-walls flank a bridge, with the sounds of cascading water welcoming one inside. Nature’s elements are visible throughout the design, often as focused visual features. By
wrapping the home around a central courtyard garden with a reflective pond, the theme of living in nature is a constant connector to the home’s unique setting.
The primal theme of the interiors spills over into the formal living and dining area, where fire governs the open-plan area that features a ‘Kutu Slim’ coffee table and custom seating by OKHA, with the placement of fireplaces on either end. The wood-burning fireplace in the living area highlights the double-volume space leading up to its trussed ceiling, its stack of timber logs and the room’s hanging halo light adding a sense of homely ambience. In contrast, the linear gas flame in the dining area introduces a slick contemporary edge. Its flames dance in the reflection of the wall’s stainless-steel inset and bounce off the draping glass chandelier presiding over the raw solid oak table surrounded by ‘Phillips’ leather dining chairs by Minotti.

INTERIOR DESIGN TEAM: Mark Rielly, Sarika Jacobs
INTERIOR DECOR TEAM: Jon Case, Leigh Daniels
ARCHITECT: Gardiol Bergenthuin
TEXT: Tracy Lynn Chemaly

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