Folding It Up by XS Studio for compact design

Folding It Up is a project designed by XS Studio for compact design in 2018, covers an area of 50 m2 and is lovated in Ramat Gan, Israel. Photography by Amit Gosher.

“A couple whose children have left the family nest leaves behind a detached house in the suburbs in favor of a 50-square-meter apartment in an old building overlooking a busy road in Ramat Gan.

The objective: living in a compact space located in a vibrant urban area. But how do you store the contents of a spacious house inside a tiny apartment while also maintaining reasonable living space?

During our first phonecall with the client she said: “I have a 7-meter-wide wardrobe and I need an identical amount of storage space in this apartment too.”

With this challenge in mind we set off. Were we able to find sufficient storage space in this apartment? Read on to find out… :)”

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