Gong Sheng by Jingu Phoenix space planning organization

Gong Sheng is a project designed by Jingu Phoenix space planning organization. The client is a landscape designer couple, who have a particular affection for nature and a serene lifestyle. The interior space consists of one basement and two floors on the ground, and each floor features staggered interior structures, which enriches the interaction between the occupants and spaces. The atrium and staircase are in the central area, with a green maple brought into the atrium from the previous residence. The underground rooms, tea drinking area and kitchen are dotted with plants. Each area within the space well integrates with nature and is awash with a living atmosphere. Photography by Wu Yongchang

On the first floor, the living room’s original wall structure is retained and finished with white special-effect paint. Besides, its front French window introduces the garden landscape into the interior, allowing the coexistence and dialogue between the occupants and nature. Based on the arrangement of original structural columns, a tatami-style tea drinking area is set on one side of the living room. A sliding walnut screen is placed between the tea drinking area and the atrium, enabling the interior space to interact with sunshine, greenery and air when it opens.
The staircase is made of walnut wood, which separates the left and right parts of the entire space and strengthens the connection between different floors with its warm textures.
The whole third floor is the private space of the house owners. A skylight can be seen above the staircase, which allows abundant natural light to filter in. The master bedroom adopts sliding doors, which closely connect it to the study. Considering that the client is an avid reader, the designers arranged a large latticed shelf in the study for stocking books. Comprising of a reading area and a tatami area, the study provides a cozy living environment, where the house owners can enjoy various activities.

Project name: Gong Sheng
Location: Longhu District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, China
Area: about 530m²
Completion time: June 20, 2019
Chief designer: Ye Hui
Interior design team: Chen Jian, Lin Weibin, Chen Xuexian
Decoration design: Feng Qi Wu Tong
Construction firm: Wan You Yin Li
Client: Mr. Chen

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