Villa Cabo Negro 2 by Cap Realty & Archgues

Villa “Cabo Negro 2” was designed by Cap Realty & Archgues and built in 2019 . This private house with 2 rectangular blocks was planned with a triple objective:
1. Marry the shape of the mountain
2. Penetrating lights and sea reflect whatever the angle of view
3. Feel the emotion of the existing nature

The predominant shades are the alloy of two colors (black & white ) that can be found both in the exterior and interior spaces. Noble woods “black oak” was use for doors, closest and 100% tailored furniture . The aluminum was made with a Portuguese profile with triple glazing. The other coatings are essentially stone effect tiles imported from Spain & Italy. Technically the villa benefits from the latest technologies and innovations in terms of lighting, low currents and air treatment, integral Led, home automation and network. Ecologically, the villa benefits from a perfect isolation both vertical and horizontal allowing to have an ambient temperature pleasant any time of the year. The insulating materials used are cork, Roche wool and low emissivity glazing. The landscaped spaces are sober with a very small variety of plants but in sufficient quantities: 8 coconut trees and lawn .

Gross Floor Area: 600 sqm
Land Area: 1600 sqm
Location: Cabo Negro – Tetouan, Morocco.
Number of floor: G+1
Consistency:5 Rooms, 5 Bedrooms, 2 Living Room, 3 covered terraces
Architects: Cap Realty & Archgues – Casablanca, Morocco

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