Lady Apartment by idealist studio

Lady Apartment is a project designed by idea:list studio in 2019, covers an area of 62 m2 and is located in Šiška, Ljubljana. Photography by Blaž Gutman.

“Our client wanted to keep her apartment bright, seemingly warm and simply shaped, with some addition of blue which she adores so much. That is why we sought conceptual inspiration from the period of Bauhaus and many times overlooked Elieen Gray’s interiors. With its clean lines and functionality her pieces were nevertheless designed with comfort in mind in addition to a great deal of feminine elegance and glamour.The interior was designed by carefully playing with volumes and voids according to their function while dematerializing them and maximizing their use. Delicate design together with feminine lines of selected functional pieces, contrasts with pragmatically designed furniture and suggests an aesthetic choice that clearly defines the identity of its user – a timeless Lady.”

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