Mullet House by RUFproject

The project designed by RUFproject is a unique renovation of an early 1900’s character house in Vancouver, Canada. The house was given new life by stripping it back to its original and then weaving in a modern house that completely opens up the north facade to the panoramic expanse of the north shore mountains. Photography by Ema Peter.

The informality, openness and cross functionality of the modern spaces contrast with the formality of the living room; giving the family the opportunity to have the best of both new and old – a modern light filled home and a cozy character home . The upstairs master bedroom, was rethought as a single spaces under a vaulted roof with a hidden steel structure that supported the full expanse of glass to the entire north facade; The downstairs slab was dropped to create higher ceilings for the family room; and a large pivot door was placed in the middle of the glass facade to support a direct connection to the outdoor garden.

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