Industrial style by Bordin & Soares

Functional decoration and industrial style complete in 29 m² The project, from Bordin & Soares Interiores office, also sought to create a practical and cozy space. Photography by Julia Herman Fotografia

For the design of this apartment in the Republic (Sao Paulo neighborhood), the architectural firm Bordin & Soares Interiores faced a – ironically – big challenge: dealing with small spaces. With only 29 m², the property has received an industrial style décor, practical, functional and with plenty of cabinets.

The slogans and major requests from the residents were modern and functional environments, with a good balance between cost and benefit. The architects met the demands and solved the needs, then, with a woodwork planning and transformation of kitchen shelves into cleaner structures.

Also clean, the sophisticated headboard was considered by professionals as one of the main highlights of the project. Not behind, however, is the industrial-style kitchen.

“The headboard was the most elaborate piece with modern design. The kitchen was also highlighted, because we mix wood and painted iron structure, “says the office.

The lighting, in turn, has two strands: the rails, for better distribution of brightness and the entry of sunlight, provided by the balcony and the glass door.

“As the residents didn’t want the glass balcony to be closed, we put a wet-rope armchair that could get wet and camouflage the air-conditioning condenser with a slatted MDF furniture,” say the architects.

“In a small space, we can make a very cozy and functional apartment,” they add.

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