New York style apartment by Katarzyna Kraszewska

New York has green Central Park, skyscrapers, roof terraces and spectacular views of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Chinatown. This is the metropolitan atmosphere investors wanted to create in their 135-meter apartment. The Warsaw apartment was supposed to be unconventional, sublime, unpretentious. In the apartment designed by Katarzyna Kraszewska the modern harmony merges with tradition, whereas art and functionality create an extremely harmonious duo. The architect focused on the light and the phenomenal view outside the window. But the apartment itself is also pretty impressive. Photography by Tom Kurek


Apartment, which consists of two levels and a terrace, was to be elegant and original, which is why the designer used the theatrical passion of one of the owners. Inspirations from the world of performance appeared in the interior. The architect surprises with innovative solutions and extremely careful selection of a color palette and accessories which together are coherent. Right after crossing the threshold, the stairs will steal your attention. Steps made of bleached ash with a glass balustrade seem to be
floating in the air. Their modern form impresses with its lightness and delicate character. Glazing, made at our special request, from the highest quality tempered glass, was difficult to make, although it was this material that turned out to be the best choice in here: the glass balustrade does not burden the space, but also does not cover the breathtaking view from the enormous window on the old trees and the lights of the Warsaw city center somewhere in the distance. Natural light through the window phenomenally illuminates the space of the apartment. It is complemented by colorful LED strips
in the stair railing as well as crystal lamps hanging on long cables. The white stairs perfectly blends in with the light floor and kitchen furniture.

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