Apartment Vila Alpina by Gabriela Prado

The architect Gabriela Prado brought warmth to the interior design from the textures and a green wall. White and gray palette is north in the decor of apartment social area.

With the color of wood (almost) prohibited in the renovation, the big challenge for the interior design of the 120 m² apartment in São Paulo was to create a cozy and balanced look. “All items containing wood, such as chair feet, we opted for the black version. This ended up leaving the environment a little cold. To warm up a little, bring warmth and make the apartment look like a house, we made a green wall and abused it of pillows with different colors and textures “, solves architect Gabriela Prado, who signs the decor.

In just three months of work, the renovation covered the social areas of the house, with the toilet. The gourmet veranda was totally dedicated to receive as many people as possible, something that residents often like to do. “They wanted the balcony table to have mobility to put more places on the headboard if necessary. To light up this environment without limiting the movement of the furniture, we created a design with overlap lamps of different sizes on the table, forming a unique lamp”, tells the architect. In the days of many guests, the grill bench can also accommodate stools.

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