China Overseas · Glory Mansion by ONE-CU Interior Design Lab

The project is located in Dalian, a Chinese city that boasts beautiful scenery. ONE-CU, the interior design firm, injected sentiment and humanism into the residence via creating a unique ambience. The space is storytelling, which presents a “dreamland”.


From acquaintance to falling in love with each other, a couple who will live in this residence shares a common love and pursuits for art, life and future. It was based on such assumption that ONE-CU started approaching the design. The designers tried to create a dwelling space that is clean and pure, showing enthusiasm for home and art.
The interior design interprets a peaceful and cozy lifestyle. Light and shadows move flexibly in the space, and interact with articles, such as the soft carpet and sofa. In such a tranquil and peaceful spatial atmosphere, the occupants can take their time enjoy drinking a cup of tea and reading a book.
Marbles utilized in the space are unique, which are characterized by jade-like texture and sophisticated patterns, presenting naturalness and artistic charm. Wooden veneers and light gray fabric coverings generate a warm spatial tone, natural yet simple. The balance between simplicity and complexity reflects rational logic and the philosophy of nature and life.
Various classical elements and diverse culture are integrated into the space. The randomly-placed sculptures, decorative items featuring geometric shapes, warm fabrics, simplistic carpets, and stylish light fixtures, etc., together produce an artistic ambience and aesthetic, and also add a sense of rituality to the living space.
The designers incorporated their vision for future life into the residence, making it trend-setting. The space is extremely pure. What it accommodates are loved things and the affection for home, which will last for a long time.
Just as Christian Blanckaert wrote in his book, “Quality is engraved by time, which makes things transcend their perfection and last longer”.

Project name: China Overseas · Glory Mansion
Location: Dalian, China
Finishing design: ONE-CU Interior Design Lab
Decoration design & execution: ONE-CU Interior Design Lab
Project area: 310 m2
Completion time: November 2019
Photos: Interpretation Sublimation
Main materials: marble, granite slab, wooden veneer, champagne-gold stainless steel

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