Apartment by Daniela Coli

The project, signed by Daniela Coli, is located in the Morumbi neighborhood and is home to a family with children. Apartment undergoes renovation and becomes a place of practicality and comfort.


Originally, this 150 m² apartment in Morumbi was very different from the photos. However, a family about to grow urgently needed that it becomes a practical, beautiful and suitable home for children.
For this challenge, they called on the architect Daniela Coli, who created and executed a perfect and super contemporary project.
The property was in very bad condition. It was necessary to make repairs in the hydraulic, electrical and replace all coatings. This, however, was an opportunity to improve every aspect of the home for new residents.
With the baby on the way, practicality was a key element. Thus, the new coatings were chosen for practicality and ease of maintenance.
Even changes were made to the floor plan: living room, kitchen, balcony and back room were transformed into a single spacious environment. This makes it the perfect place to accommodate visits and receive friends.
There, hidden chests and drawers act as storage places, which are not dangerous for children. In order not to have a sound reverberation, the materials of the sofa and the carpet were designed to absorb part of the noise.
The vinyl floor occupies the entire apartment, including the kitchen. The furniture was designed prioritizing functionality, an example of which are the velvet anti-stain sofas and rugs that are easy to clean.
But aesthetics, by no means, was left out, quite the contrary. The color palette is composed of wood, white and blue tones, very elegant. Plants also appear scattered in all corners, as a way to integrate architecture with nature.
In the children’s rooms, the option was a cheerful and playful style, which stimulates the imagination. The suites are inspired by the navy style, with lots of light blue and white. Buoys, fish and hatches complete the sweet and creative atmosphere.

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