Gallery House by Alric Galindez Arquitectos

Gallery House is a project designed by Alric Galindez Arquitectos in 2013, covers an area of 257 m2 and is located in San isidro, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photography by Albano Garcia


The Landscape
We are not dealing here with house, or an art gallery, but with a hybrid. In this case it is worthwhile to ask oneself about the need of searching for an exterior landscape, when the reason of the existence of this work is creating an interior landscape to be able to enjoy art. That is why the exterior of the building is not a priority. The first perception relies on art itself and the awareness of the exterior becomes peripheral. The relation between the interior and the exterior isn’t direct, but through patios and covered exteriors that act as a visual and light filter, regulating the amount of light necessary to contemplate the art in exhibition.

The Event
A person that collects art and lives close by to the project. The new building is the place where he will go to enjoy his art collection and live occasionally, hence this work will be used simultaneously and alternatively like a house and art gallery. This is why naming the work as a House or Art Gallery seems inappropriate.
The program invites one to reflect on the incidence of use on the characteristics of space, finding appropriate the search for a neutral and flexible space that can adapt to various uses. Consequently, the project is organized locating service areas in the perimeter of the rectangle, liberating the plan´s interior for main areas. Inside this homogenous space, transversal walls that both serve for art exposition and define the different rooms-spaces establishing a promenade where all spaces have the same importance. The serving areas have in their surface, both service areas and patios that filter the light and work as an intermediate space between the interior and the exterior.
This is how the building is according to what one wants to do in it: it’s a house if one wants to live in it or a gallery if one wants to enjoy art. The way one wishes to own the space, defines the way it is.

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