Yolk House by Pac Studio

Yolk House is a project designed by Pac Studio in 2018, covers an area of 80 m2 and is located in Auckland, New Zealand. Photography by David St George and David Straight.


This renovation of an Auckland family home is simple, warm and fun. The owners presented a common set of problems: the inner city bungalow that they owned was disconnected from the landscape, was poorly laid out and lacked space for their growing family. The response was to create a split-level addition to the home, rectifying the planning of the house and creating an easy linkage to the garden. The palette of materials used in this project came from a desire to create unusual experiences with cost-effective materials. The yellow floor reflects a warm light throughout the interior, creating the feeling of sunshine even on the most dreary winter day. Mill-finished aluminium cladding was chosen for the exterior as it allowed for fast and efficient construction, but also because it created soft reflections of the garden and the ever-changing sky in its surface.

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