YS+2House by OTROestudio

YS + 2House designed by OTROestudio is a detached house inserted in a 1000m2 plot, located in Playa Paraíso, in the municipality of Adeje (Tenerife, Canary Islands). It is a very quiet urban area, whose main feature is its spectacular views towards the island of La Gomera. The house is 450m2 over three floors, a swimming pool and green spaces.
OTROestudio’s concept is two blind planes that protect and privatize an interior space without limits that devours the landscape and makes it own. Photography by Joaquín Ponce de León

Under this concept, the exterior view is formed by a visible, large, reinforced concrete structure with geometric shapes and inclined lines that interrupt and move floating in the air, like a hard skin that shelters an interior space that breaks and dilutes its limits. Two irregular volumes that shelter an intimate and infinite patio.
The façade of the building is a kind of sculpture made up of two elements: an entrance porch that gives access to the plot and further back the blind volumes of the house. These are made of reinforced concrete towards the street and the northern boundary arranged in different positions. It is the opposite idea of the interior and south facades, which are mostly of glass.
The interior layout is simple and is divided into three levels. The basement floor is reserved for vehicular access, garage, storage room, technical room, a central garden that invades natural light into a multipurpose recreational space with bathroom and spa that overflows into another large inner patio. The ground floor is made up of two volumes of uncertain limits that are articulated by the main access and the staircase, which houses on one hand a toilet wrapped in a volume of warped shapes, the main living room and the dining room. The other volume contains the kitchen and a tv room. All these spaces overflow the large intimate patio and the garden where the pool and green areas are located. The upper floor also consists of two volumes articulated by the staircase, one of them houses the master bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and a viewing terrace, the other volume is made up of two bedrooms each with its own bathroom and a large viewing terrace that have in common.
To sum up, in addition to respond to the needs and functional requirements of the client the house was always thought as a need to express aesthetic and formal arguments that are part of OTROestudio’s unwavering style, as inclined planes, escaped spaces, pure volumes, ambiguous spaces, indefinite limits. An iconic architecture that tries to get to sensations.

Company name: OTROestudio (Fernando Ojeda + Gabriela Troncoso)
Project location: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Completion Year: 2019

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