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The Power of Colors! is a team of ambitious fnancial analysts who are behind the frst comprehensive comparison engine of banking products in Poland. When they decided to cooperate with mode:lina™, they wanted to create a modern ofce in Wrocław, where the energy of the brand and employees would play frst fddle. photography by Patryk Lewiński.


We wanted to work with architects experienced in designing similar spaces and…that’s how we met mode:lina™ team. We were captivated by their non-standard solutions, interesting concepts, their general approach to design as well as profciency in working on a project remotely! – Edyta Kulej-Dziergowska, Inspired by the energy of the team, designers frommode:lina™ prepared a design of the ofce where colors drawn directly from the brand’s visual identity, became the leitmotif. A geometric grid of colours seen across the whole ofce also has a specifc function: it dynamically connects all of the ofce areas.
The Wrocław ofce is an unusual open-space arrangement that has adopted a new formula. Employees of respective departments needed some private areas, however free communication between them was equally as important.
The architects separated smaller zones for teams out of a large area, by using openwork partitions, walls with plants and screens. This simple procedure allowed to keep the ofce open, while providing privacy and distance needed in each department. Additionally, some walls have spacious wardrobes hidden inside them, while large surfaces on the outside can be used for sketches and notes. The introduction of light partitions, in addition to the visual aspect, had a positive impact on the acoustics in the ofce. Simple functional choices, colorful decorative metalwork and graphically expressive room markings, all created a clear and intuitive layout of the ofce. All key facilities have been located centrally with guests and staf guided by geometric colorful graphics interspersed with clearly visible telephone booths.
Elements related to the manner of working and to tools of the analysts’ team flled the conference rooms. The largest and most representative conference room is inspired by an integrated circuit: steel decorations are combined with acoustic panels which are almost invisible. Additionally, some computer hardware can be seen on the walls.
Themes in other meeting rooms are: a large bank safe, characteristic locations on the map of Wroclaw (where company headquarters is) complemented by fgures of Monsters, which are part of the company’s branding. Thanks to those solutions, common areas such as the playroom have received a graphic, almost poster-like style.
Some elements refer to the function of the rooms: this is how a distinctive chandelier made of wooden spoons was created in the shared kitchen and eating area, while headphones and microphones (so common in the times of working from home) flled one of the conference rooms. office
DESIGN :mode:lina™
PROJECT TEAM: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin, Anna Kazecka
AREA: 800 m2
PHOTOS: Patryk Lewiński
COOPERATION:Studio Bardzo, Platforma Mebli, Event Flowers, Aco Design, Tapipol

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