Black & Fluid Apartment by Diego Revollo

Black & Fluid Apartment is a project designed by Diego Revollo. The time and turn for curved shapes. Fluid architecture is not just an aesthetic issue. It reflects the moment we are living in: the breaking of rigidity. Freer spaces, with less hard lines, make the atmosphere lighter and improve well-being. This is reflected from the design of more flexible layouts, through the finishes and even the execution of the spatial structure. Photography by Renato Navarro.


This 230 m2 property, located next to University city in São Paulo, with bold and current days view approach, is an immersion of the architect Diego Revollo in the universe of flowing and curved lines. The owners of the property , fans of the office, and who have been with us for a long time, agreed to do something outside the comfort zone, with more masonry than joinery resources.
The main door opens to the living room and, in general, we would make a large wooden panel to create an entrance hall, but the architect wished to escape this solution. For a long time the joinery functioned as an incredible and sophisticated architectural resource, but also very expensive. In this case, we seek to explore the masonry in a careful and innovative way, almost handmade. We created three sliding doors, installed in the drywall, to give a visual impact: they hide the kitchen, the entrance door and the access to the intimate area. The plasterer worked very well here, sculpting curved and more fluid shapes. These elements are more common in facades and little explored in interior design; bringing them “inside” was a challenge that brought a lot of enthusiasm to the office team. The curves are also present in the Silestone countertop of the barbecue area, in the home theater, in bathroom cabinets details and in the shapes of the kitchen table.
Another issue was the choice of floor: we used large size Portinari porcelain tiles that reproduce stone. “I’m from the school where, for flooring, you choose natural wood or stone. I’ve always been against reproductions, but in this apartment, I finally gave in to them. The porcelain industry is surpassing itself every day”, says Diego Revollo. In the intimate area, the floor is made of Cumaru, a brazilian wood, which ages well and beautiful. Black burnt cement was used on kitchen walls, entrance hall and washroom , and the blackgranite varied in texture: smooth and rustic.

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