Three lambs by RUDA Studio team

Three lambs – Eastern European cuisine restaurant is a project designed by RUDA Studio team, located in a historical place of Odesa, Ukraine, overlooking the sea. Here, in the company of family or friends, you can enjoy local wine and barbecue dishes. The task of the studio was to integrate the concept of a new interior into the existing environment. Photography by Viktoria Kuznetsova.

The interior of the restaurant harmoniously combines modern design and details of oriental culture. The furniture has colorful national patterns. Carpets serve as bright accents. Paying attention to details, we used bright colors, hand-painting, and weaving.

We have created a new tapestry special for this project. It contains traditional elements of Caucasian culture. The brass circle is framed by black sheepskin, and the light part is made of woolen yarn.
The project was finished in June 2020 by RUDA Studio.

The team: Alexandra Rudenko, Diana Alekseenko, Vlad Levitsky, Alexander Marchuk.

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