77 Residence by SDH Studio Architects

77 Residence is a project designed by SDH Studio Architects. New, modern residences are replacing older houses everywhere you look in South Florida. The sunny state is experiencing a wonderful transformation, especially in the eastern parts. New construction in the eastern neighborhoods of South Florida commands the highest prices.


Many Florida residential architects build modern houses that may have all the fancy bells and whistles but fail to represent the surroundings properly. It results in a variety of extravagant, expensive homes that don’t look or feel like they belong there.
Top architecture firms know finished work reflects their experience and abilities, so they always strive to design residencies that perfectly complement the surroundings. SDH Studios is one of those firms proudly presenting unique, cozy single-family- home designs. Designed by famous Florida architects, the residents establish an undeniable connection with the surrounding environment. Sometimes, the connection is abstract, and sometimes it’s direct.
One of SDH Studio’s recent outstanding project is a beautiful family house in Bal Harbour, called the 77 Residence.
Miami architecture style in Bal Harbour Village
The 77 Residence is a beautiful contemporary home that seamlessly integrates the outdoor and indoor with both its exterior architectural form and interior design. When it comes to Miami architecture for family homes, it hardly gets any better than this modern, light, spacious design.
The site is in a charming corner lot in Bal Harbour Village, graced with natural light and gorgeous greenery. The 77 Residence is an open floor project designed for an active family that enjoys an indoor-outdoor life. The amazing SDH Studio architects made sure to pay attention to detail so a family can fully enjoy every corner of this modern Florida home.
Designed as a spec residence and built by TREO Construction, the project represents a home that focuses on how the residents can make the most of every corner. According to SDH Studios principal, Stephanie Halfen, it is the main component in all of their designs. Every space in the house has been thought over, so not a single square foot or ray of sunshine or goes to waste.
The site of the residence used to be one big lot divided into two lots by the developers. SDH Studios designed two completely different homes as per the developer’s request. When the first home got sold, it broke records in sales per square foot in the entire area. The 77 Residence is the second home, and it looks just as astonishing as its extravagant first neighbor.

Photography courtesy of SDH Studio Architects

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