Showcase Outside by Calli Arquitetura

Showcase Outside is a project designed by Calli Arquitetura shows that it is possible to have a comfortable and charming corner to relax indoors. The need for social isolation drove everyone into the home. The street doors closed, but a universe of possibilities opened up that many people had not even realized. Rest spaces, such as balconies and backyards, have gained prominence in this whole story. After all, it was necessary to find a corner to relax, work, stay in the sun or have contact with nature. These rooms made the home sweeter during the quarantine. Photography by Fernando Willadino


Keeping an eye on this trend, Masotti Floripa invited architects Silvana Margarin and Rafael Caramori (in the photo below with the sons Benjamim and Joaquim and the dog Dior), from the Calli Arquitetura office, to plan a very special environment: the Showcase Lá Fora – Um I breathe in the open air. The name already demonstrates very well the atmosphere chosen by them. “Having an outdoor area is a recurring dream. After months in an apartment, people started to think about what it would be like if they had an ideal place to spend time. And it is this feeling that we seek to print here,” says Silvana.

With 70 square meters, the area is a passport to rest, giving that country house feeling. The connection with nature begins in the color palette. Woody tones, passing through the ocher, harmonize with the green of the wall of permanent plants that cover part of the slatted panel. Very close by is a key piece of the environment: the Maré sofa, composed of modules in ceramic color. Note that the furniture, signed by designer Marta Manente for Modalle, works like an island in space, that is, at the same time that it faces the wall, it also makes a link with the Axyz bar, by Ibanez Razzera. This characteristic reinforces its versatility and importance in composition. And yet: the mirror panel installed in front of you seems to duplicate it (a good tip to give amplitude to the rooms).

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