Whittington Estate Apartment by Patalab Architecture

Whittington Estate Apartment is a project designed by Patalab Architecture. The sense of space, an enhanced connectivity and an understated material palette turns this sensitively refurbished small one-bedroom Whittington Estate Apartment into a spatial sanctuary and a carefully crafted place that feels much bigger than it physically is. Photography by Jan Piotrowicz


Situated to the East of Hampstead Heath in the Whittington Estate, the flat was designed in the 1970s by the architect Peter Tabori during Camden Council’s ‘golden age’ of progressive housing development. The estate is best known for it’s low-rise stepped profile which was inspired by the local topography, transforming the site’s slope into a design cue and creating a cascade of terraces which allows every apartment to have it’s own outdoor space as well as a front door along the pedestrianised street.

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