Jardim Guedala Apartment by Diego Revollo

Jardim Guedala Apartment by Diego Revollo. A classic-style apartment, almost 20 years old, is the new home of a young couple with two children who, having already hired the office for the previous residence, have returned this time for the renovation and decoration of this new 330 m2 property located in Jardim Guedala – Morumbi neighborhood – in São Paulo. Photography by Renato Navarro.


One of the main emphases of the clients was the fact that the characteristics existing in the original architecture of the apartment already pleased them immensely and, in this way, the project highlighted the existing qualities, with ocasional alterations, surgically correcting the imperfections for functional adequacy. Frame designs were improved, delicate details in the joinery gave their touch but great emphasis was reserved for the interior decoration, the main focus on our work.
The property’s huge windows and almost 3m ceiling height guarantee good lighting and spaciousness, while the feeling of warmth was due to the creation of a well-resolved layout, which encourages conversations and family life.
The challenge was to promote a combination of styles that would require greater risks but would bring a result out of the obvious. The large living room was occupied by two smaller rooms, escaping the rigid formula of two sofás and a large coffee table. The mix of styles ( Italian, Brazilian, modern and vintage design ) gave rise to a timeless and surprising environment, all permeated by many pieces of art, guaranteeing, in addiction to beauty, an international elegance.

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