Oxyrest Villa by Zhang Can and Li Wenting

Oxyrest Villa, an architectural nymph residing in the rainforest, designed by Zhang Can and Li Wenting, can be perceived as a breathy specimen of oxygen hedonism. Zhang Can announces his intention to dislodge a promiscuous array of urbanism from this resort hotel and allow full rein to it to converse with the nature in a poetic way. Photography by Wang Ting.


Located in Xishuangbanna, the hotel is a nod to the warmly humid clime and the lush vegetation. The centrality of intimacy with nature is incorporated in the design of Oxyrest Villa intentionally. Its ascent up to a 40-meter-high cliff is susceptible of a verdant vista and an emerald expanse of forests.

The totality of exteriors and interiors is conceived by Zhang Can, who does not, nor will, cease to reflect upon investing profundity and experientiality with the particular space to have people luxuriate in.

Name: Oxyrest Villa
Location: Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China
Completion year: December 2019
Site area: 4000㎡
Interior design: Zhang Can & Li Wenting
Principal Designers: Zhang Can & Li Wenting
Design team: CSD·DESIGN
Image credits: Wang Ting

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