Cerrado House by Vazio S/A

The Cerrado House designed by Vazio S/A was built at the foothills of the Sierra da Moeda, a mountain range in the state of Minas Gerais. The three-bedroom house has a rooftop pool and a wide staircase that leads to the rooftop terrace. The rooms are right under the swimming pool and have views of the sierra, the Cerrado and its twisted trees. Louvers on the northern and western faces protect against the inclement sun. Photography by Gabriel Castro.


The play between function and form here is spontaneous and undogmatic: the ramps and stairs of the swimming pool are stamped onto the façades and shape the internal space. The employment of the programmatic source is made directly manifest: it is a strategy that explores the programme/form relationship as an inevitable correspondence.

Performance Description
Seeking the plasticity of basic architectural elements, the project also exalts this underestimated and threatened biome: the Cerrado. There is no landscape design: the house sits on natural terrain, whose immensity and vistas are best seen from the pool terrace.

Authors: Vazio S/A – Carlos M Teixeira, Leonardo Rodrigues (collab. arch.), Daila Araújo (collab. arch.), Frederico Almeida (collab. arch.)
Project: 2013
Construction: 2014-2015
Total area: 320 m²
Closed area: 142m²
Site: 3 ha.
Location: Moeda, Brazil

Architectural design: Vazio S/A
Structural design: RAD
Electrical design / Plumbing: Matheus Elias
Construction: Nova Engenharia

Main Suppliers :
Frames aluminum louvers: JJ Esquadrias
Marble and granite: Arq Pedras
Metals: Docol
Crockery: Celite
Fixtures: Templuz
Ceramics: Vitrale
Furniture: Vazio S/A
Pool: Sol e Ar

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