House in Lapa II by Contacto Atlântico

House in Lapa II is a project designed by Contacto Atlântico. In a premium location, between the two best parks of Lapa, one of the most iconic neighborhoods of Lisbon, Estrela Garden and Tapada das Necessidades, this project takes place. Photography by Gonçalo Henriques.


The main goal of the rehabilitation of this building of 1917, was to enhance the qualities of the original building, giving a fresh and modern air to the parts that were damaged more by the age. The house is developped in 3 floors which behave as big and modern open spaces. The original Pombaline walls, so characteristics from Lisbon after the Earthake and fire of the capital in 1755, are keep, preserving the history of the city. Nevertheless, they are reinterpretated and adapted to this present century. For this, it is taken out the unnoble parts as plaster or concrete, to keep the original wooden skelethon that will now, in its new life served as an element to separate spaces.
To emphasized the open spaces, the wardrobes would act as walls, with hidden doors which sometimes bring to unexpected entires rooms. The bedrooms, will attend the eclectic taste of the owner, combining a modern white and minimal architecture with rococó furniture touches as a XV century wooden bed located on the principal bedroom.
Definitely, the simplification of the lines and the substitution of some old-fashioned materials by new high-quality ones, create a unique building which, without losing the traditional Portuguese soul, scents with a fresh touch Iberian architecture air.

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