Ko7-A New Serenity by Dana Oberson Architects Studio

Dana Oberson Architects Studio has recently completed a new project in the marina complex located on the beach of Herzliya. The owners chose the apartment because of its proximity to the sea and wanted to preserve the feeling of space and tranquility it brings. The program features defined public and private areas that consist of open space with a living room, kitchen, and dining area. The private area has a master bedroom, two bathrooms, and a study used as a grandchildren’s room. Photography by Amit Geron.


The apartment overlooks the horizon and the sea. “We wanted to preserve the sense of serenity in the design, to bring that spirit into the interior,” says architect Dana Oberson. The floor in the apartment is light sand-shaded Rezina which is reminiscent of sea sand and spread throughout the space. The ceiling is also quiet and minimalist. The decorative glass light fixture above the kitchen island is reminiscent of the transparency of the water and allows the continuity of the view. “The kitchen island is like the rock in the sand,” Oberson says. The island surface and all the facades are covered with stormy gray marble that blends with the kitchen fronts. These are made of graphite-colored aluminum along with the faded driftwood facade and stainless steel. “The aim was to create a balance between the natural, calm, and transparent materials and the dominant and dark materials that sit in the space and anchor it. You can feel the power of the sea when you look at the stone, or a tree washed for years by water that gave it its character.”
Transparency and simplicity were the design vision for the living room library. The pursuit of transparency has led to a collaboration with SANTAMBROGIO Studio from Milan, specializing in the creation of glass furniture and spaces. “I call it the continuity of nothingness,” Oberson says. The use of driftwood facades was repeated in the bathrooms and study facades. “Since this is a room used by the homeowners for work and for hosting their grandchildren, a closeable study was necessary. We designed a sliding wooden door that moves on a rail and allows the two functions to co-exist.
The art in the apartment has been selected from Zemack Gallery for Contemporary Art. “Combining art always strengthens the design idea and connects to space inseparably. I was looking for art that expresses the silence in a powerful and turbulent situation, like at sea, showing how nature is consistent and determined. “Yigal Ozeri’s work was chosen for the public space and reflected the power of the sea along with its serenity.”

Interior Design: Dana Oberson • Oded Livyatan • Dana Keshet

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